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We offer annual service and membership plans. Check out the lawn care and garden treatment services that we provide all throughout Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, and Morrisville NC.

Building a garden is tough, it requires a lot of time and attention. No worries, Bronson Landscape has the experience that it takes to provide outstanding lawn care services. Every lawn care service we provide comes with free on-site estimates within Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, and Morrisville NC.


Trust our expertise that go beyond garden and lawn care. You can be assured that each service starts with careful planning and outlining. Check out our most recent projects in and around Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, and Morrisville NC to have a better picture of the quality of service we provide.


We have a lot to offer our clients everywhere in Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, and Morrisville NC. We’ll take charge of your next lawn care or garden project and everything else in between through the following services we provide.

Roof and Gutter


We install drain pipes often times to extend gutter dump outs from a wet spot in the grass to a determined draining area. We also can install custom systems to accommodate many drainage problems.

 We clean roofs and gutters to ensure proper draining.

Tree Removal

Rock Installation

We haul in all sized rocks to make rock walls, rock beds, and rock decorating

We cut trees down the right way. We have the experience and expertise that it takes to safely cut down trees in most all conditions and circumstances.

Maintenance & Hedge Trim

Pressure Washing

We pressure wash the exterior of all houses and commercial buildings. We also pressure wash decks, patios, play sets, and more.

Overall Property Maintenance and Hedge Trimming. Making sure the property is perfectly cleaned and trimmed year round. Overall professional outdoor look! Maintence plans available!


Junk & Scrap Metal Removal

We can take care of all the junk and metal scraps along your property! We haul away any unwanted items taking up valuable space on your property! Anything you need hauled or removed! 

We deliver and stack seasoned firewood! 

We offer tilling services for prepping and integrating soil for different types of plant beds. We plant trees, bushes, bulbs, flowers, anything our customers need planting we can put in the ground or flower pots.

Lawn Aerating

We aerate fescue lawns during fall to alleviate compaction and make your lawn more disease and drought tolerant to maintain a healthy fescue lawn!

Sod Installation

We install sod both warm season and cool season turfs. Different types include Bermuda, zoysia, and fescue grass. For fescue we strongly recommend installing irrigation.

Weed Control

Lawn Re-seeding

We reseed fescue lawns in the fall to keep a healthy fescue thick and full and fix any bare spots from heat distress during hot summer months.

We hand pull weeds or use concentrated weed killer to rid out weeds of flower beds, side-walks, and drive-ways.

Lawn Fertalization 

We fertilize lawns to keep them growing strong and healthy!

Pre-Emergent Treatment

Lawn & Plant Bed Pre-Emergent Treatments! What this does is prevent seeds to germinate, thus eliminating future weeds from growing.

Mulch & Pine Straw

Plant Bed Making

We make beautiful plant beds for trees, shrubs, vegetables, and flowers. We custom make plant and flower beds in all different shapes, sizes and grade changes. We will often import enriched soil and mulch for best results.

We shop with local companies always ensuring a quality product in all different types of mulch. We normally include bed edging around all mulched beds. Some example are: triple shredded hard wood, Colored decorative in red, brown, black, and pine mulch (bark, nuggets, or fines) Look at the above projects for examples!

Plant & Tree Selection

Soil Preparation & Planting

We work together with our customers to choose the best plants and flowers for all different environments. We always buy from local plant nurseries that guarantee their plants.


Lawn Care


Custom Landscaping and Lawn Care projects! Have an idea of an outdoor project? Let us help in design and development of your new landscaping project. We can come on-site for free estimates and project outlining. Check out our recent Landscaping Projects 

Full Lawn & Yard Care Services; including mowing, trimming, edging of hard services (side walks, driveways) 

Leaf blowing, blowing of any deck, patio, driveway and side streets of property. Ask about our year-round and seasonal maintenance programs!

  • Landscaping

  • Plant Bed Making

  • Lawn Care

  • Soil Preparation & Planting

  • Drainage

  • Rock Installation

  • Pressure Washing

  • Junk & Scrap Metal Removal

  • Lawn Aerating​

  • Plant & Tree Selection

  • Roof and Gutter

  • Tree Removal

  • Maintenance & Hedge Trim

  • Firewood

  • Sod Installation

  • Lawn Re-seeding

  • Lawn Fertilization

  • Weed Control

  • Pre-Emergent Treatment

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